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Develop business intelligence with your e-mail data


audit4mail is a messaging intelligence solution : analysis of e-mail data flows and insights to support key business decisions

audit4mail for sales: Improve your performance with more information on your prospects

Companies receive and send thousands of e-mails each day. In particular, we still consider e-mail as one of the most important tool for Business Development: prospects follow-up, sending quotes and orders, etc…  but did you know that only 20% of the prospects data finally make it to the CRM? The rest remain trapped inside the mailboxes and is therefore not shared and exploited by the rest of the team.

audit4mail captures and analyzes the prospect data and brings added value to your sales activity :

  • Understand why there is no follow up on prospects during a certain period
  • Spot single relationships between a customer or a prospect and a salesperson.
  • Identify sensitive information leaks to the outside

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