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Today there is a big concern related to the staff well-being at work and the need for them to be disconnected after office hours. An employee reached by email late in the night on a regular basis will never be disconnected, therefore he is more likely to suffer from stress at work.

The Human Resources department, in charge of the staff well-being at work, must be able to quickly identify the employees working after office hours.

To achieve this, the Human Resources department comes to you, email Administrator. The goal is to identify the related employees and make them aware of the potential burnout for him and its peers.

The request of the Human Resources department is the following: provide a state of art of the emails sent after the office hours.

So easy task with audit4mail!

audit4mail provides you the statistics related to the emails sent each day including weekends. On the top of that, thanks to audit4mail get the list of the employee sending emails after office hours on a regular basis.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow. In few minutes you will become the most popular administrator of the Human Resource department!

Report component to identify the specific days

1. Click on the icon Report
2. Open the view By server and choose the server, the year and the month to analyze

audit4mail ecran serveur

3. Double click on the appropriate line
4. A new document opens. Go straight to the tab Messages

audit4mail serveur stats

The histogram here shows you at a glance the number of emails sent each day of the selected month. The tab External provides you the same information in a calendar view. Here, we can easily identify the weekends for which a great amount of emails have been sent.


Of course, we are not gonna stop here… especially when audit4mail can take the analysis way further!

Monitoring component to identify the senders and the subjects of the emails

How can we distinguish the employee sending emails after office hours on a regular basis from those who exceptionally needs to work outside the office hours due to projects’ deadline?

Simple! Find out the senders and subjects of the specific emails in audit4mail to get this information.

1. Click on the icon Monitoring
2. In the view by date, browse until you find the specific emails
3. For the related date, open the different documents and pick the names of the senders and emails ‘ subject

audit4mail ecran email info

User Report component to identify the employee who work after the office hours on a daily basis

1. Click on the icon User Report
2. In the view By user, find out the right senders
3. Pick the right year & month and double click on the appropriate line

A new document opens. Go straight to the tab “Message” and find out the frequency of emails sent after office hours for the specific employee.

audit4mail message horaires

Here for the targeted employee, we notice that he doesn’t send emails during weekends on regular basis: exceptionally he sent an email on Saturday the 8th of March.

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