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messaging intelligence avec audit4mail

1-What is Messaging Intelligence?

Basically, messaging is the exchange of messages (specially-formatted data describing events, requests, and replies) to a messaging server.

Business requires sending and receiving thousands of emails every day. A significant volume of highly important operational and strategic information traffic through the different servers on a daily basis.

Messaging Intelligence is analyzing the behavior of all of these exchanges and extracting from them hidden data to provide you with statistics to improve your business.

2- How does audi4mail work?

Understanding internal and external email exchanges requires a deep analysis of each interaction, one by one and all of them together as a unit.

audit4mail automatically captures all the hidden information from your company, process them (statistics) and displays them through insightful views and reports.

3- Does audit4mail uses my personal data?

No, we don’t use your personal data as it’s private and confidential, but most importantly we don’t need it.

We are looking for the interaction in between a sender and a receiver to understand the relationship behavior. So your content is never stored, analyzed nor shared.

4- How can audit4mail fit in a business?

Think of the overall messaging environment in three layers.

The bottom layer is messaging server that manages a wide variety of data and information related to each internal and external exchanges.

The middle layer is audit4mail that has an extensive set of analytic capabilities that provide insights and reports to the user using messaging system units within an organization.

The top layer is the operational environment, which are audit4mail users, who support and engage with internal people and external relations.

5- Which industry can take advantages of audit4mail? 

Actually, any industry or sector that has messaging system and willing to be more efficient, have a better organization and understand the behavior of their, internal and external, relationships.


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