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Ransomware: how to know where it was sent in your company!

Ransomware: how to know where it was sent in your company!

audit4mail helps you fight against ransomware

Ransomware: how to know where it was sent in your company!


Ransomware is big in the news these days, but what is it exactly?

A ransomware is a malicious software that hijacks your data. To do so, the ransomware encrypts the data and then asks the owner to send money in exchange for the key that will allow you to decrypt your files.

Your users receive an email. They download the attachment (ZIP) out of habit, and then, everything goes wrong! Here you are with encrypted files everywhere and you do not know who is the origin of the infection!

Let’s see how AUDIT4MAIL is going to help you find out in  just a few clicks who received the ransomware in your company. 

Go to the Helpdesk module, in the “e-mails” section. You use the search module by e-mail address, by subject, by date, depending on the information you have gathered so far on the ransomware.

spam ransomware

Once you have identified the suspicious e-mail, you can visualize already some key information:

– Date and time the e-mail was first received in the company

– List of the people who received it internally

By right-clicking of the external e-mail address, sender of the ransomware, a menu is displayed that allows you to go further in the analysis.

Then click on “go to dashboard

spam ransomware

Persons Dashboard

This dashboard, filtered on the suspicious e-mail address, is going to give you many details on the activity of the ransomware within the organisation. For exemple the total number of infested internal e-mail addresses, and the list of the employees who received the ransomware in their inboxes.

spam ransomware

The relations graph

Through the relations graph you get a visual representation of the ransomware’s activity in the company. It’s easy to share with management and the various heads of departments.

AUDIT4MAIL is a messaging intelligence tool. The dedicated module for IT and administrators provides many useful information about the e-mail system. 

It is a real support for your helpdesk with different visualisations of your messaging infrastructure.

With AUDIT4MAIL your IT can:

– Check the evolution of the email’s server volumetry (number, size, attachments, …)

 – Anticipate the servers / network bottlenecks.

– Collect metrics before changing the messaging system.

– Check the volumetric evolution by email users.

 – Detect of Internal spammers.

 – Measure the adoption of new communication tools (chat, CSR, document sharing).

– Observe the distribution of the devices used. On premise client, web email, smartphone.

– Improve the  customer service and the helpdesk processes.

 – Enable the billing of the internal email service.

Did you find this tutorial useful? There are many applications of AUDIT4MAIL which are still to be unveiled, please check again our website, or why don’t you subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t lose any new article?

Our team can support you in many IT security projects.  Let’s schedule a live demo and learn more about your challenges.


Come and meet us at ICON UK – Sept 15-16, 2016

Come and meet us at ICON UK – Sept 15-16, 2016

MOVE4IDEAS is a speaker!

We’ll be giving a speach at ICON UK in London this September! ICON UK is an annual event in London for all users of IBM software to meet, learn and network. This year there are four topic streams:

–> The Developer’s Cubicle
–> The Administrator’s Clipboard
–> The Manager’s Meeting
–> Out of the Box Ideas

Come see us and support this year’s charity: Whizz kids

For more information about this event, visit the website.

Icon UK

Jérôme Deniau’s session will be on Smooth Migration from IBM Domino to IBM Verse : The Vital Metrics You Do Need. Come listen to him!


Get in touch so we can meet during the event.

get in touch

Webinar: Migration from IBM Domino to IBM Verse

Webinar: Migration from IBM Domino to IBM Verse

Smooth Migration from IBM Domino to IBM Verse : The Vital Metrics You Do Need

This webinar covered the vital metrics you need to monitor to make your IBM Verse migration from IBM Domino as smooth as possible.

You will learn how to:
  • Prepare your migration from Attitude to architecture
  • Think about your global environment and how to proceed
  • Get your metrics from your IBM Domino architecture
  • Analyze them correctly with standard IBM Administrator tools
  • Use tools to catch those metrics
Jérôme will end with some common use cases, and how to solve them.


The solutions mentioned in the webinar are:

audit4mail databaseEZ

With AUDIT4MAIL easily manage your messaging server, you can:

  • Study the mails per server volumetries (number, size, attachments, …).
  • Anticipate its servers / network bottlenecks.
  • Collect metrics before changing the messaging system.
  • Measure volumetries by email users.
  • Detect internal spammers.
  • Study the impact of the adoption of new communication tools (chat, CSR, document sharing).
  • Measure the distribution of the devices used. On premise clients, web email, smartphone.
  • Improve your customer service, helpdesk.
  • Charge the internal messaging service.
Ytria databaseEZ lets you manage database properties across an entire server. This tool gives you:

  • Faster access to serverwide NSF properties
  • Comprehensive database information
  • Superior mass-editing tools
  • Serverwide property analysis
  • Template name mass-editing
  • Flexible data export options
  • Audit or sign databases (requires signEZ)
  • Customizable user interface.





Get in touch with us for more information: Contact us




Last week MOVE4IDEAS attended IBM CONNECT 2016 and was exhibitor for the 1st time. We all had a fantastic week learning about new IBM projects, Speed Geeking and also exchanging with our peers.
IBM Connect 2016

IBM CONNECT was at the Hilton for the first time and it was a great place for the venue, many conference room and a very nice exhibition area.


The venue


Thank you!


Thank you all for coming to our booth and connecting with us at Connect 2016! It was great speaking with you, to better understand your main challenges and see how AUDIT4MAIL could help you with these challenges.


Move4ideas_team @ IBM CONNECT 2016

Also Thank you to all of you who went to Jérôme’s session : “Smooth Migration from IBM Domino to IBM Verse: The Vital Metrics you do need”.


If you haven’t been able to catch up with Jérôme on our booth, feel free to reach us through the contact form and ask your questions.
Also most of you came to pick up your Jérôme to build on our booth, don’t forget to send us a picture of your Jérôme so we can add it to our facebook album!




R2D2 went to a new galaxy


Congratulations to Belén De Isasa Sanchiz for winning our raffle! We will miss you R2D2, don’t hesitate to send us pictures of your new adventures!
move4ideas at IBM Connect 2016

move4ideas at IBM Connect 2016

move4ideas is an exhibitor at IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando for the first time, and we are so excited!

Come visit us on booth #109 from January 31st to February 3rd and be the first to get a look at our brand new product!

You can schedule a meeting with us at Orlando, just send an email at : sales@move4ideas.com

Follow us on Twitter: @move4ideas


More info about IBM Connect 2016:

“IBM Connect 2016 is the premier conference for social business and digital experience. Learn how to transform your business to a cloud-based services model, or expand your current portfolio of cloud offerings with innovative, market-leading solutions. Network with thought leaders, IBM executives, peers, and Business Partners in dedicated open-dialogue sessions and special receptions. Get your hands on and give your feedback on the latest IBM products and prototypes in the Design Labs.”
IBM Connect 2016

Have a look at their website for more information on the event: Official web site




This year theme park reserved is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Hogsmeade™ just for Connect attendees. You will receive unlimited access to the Dragon Challenge™ coaster and the groundbreaking new ride–Harry Potter the Forbidden Journey™. Clearly it’s an event you just can’t miss!

Register today at Connect 2016


You come to IBM Connect 2016 to discover new solutions, increase expertise, and make every moment count with your peers. But you also come for the cookie.In addition to IBM famous pretzel cookie, they’ll be making a new one—and you get to pick the ingredients.

Choose the ingredient to add in this years IBM Cookie here
We all hope to see you there!
Webinar : Leveraging insights from your messaging systems

Webinar : Leveraging insights from your messaging systems


Recording of our webinar “Leveraging insights from your messaging systems” held on 30th April.

In this webinar our speakers Jérôme Deniau, Technical Director at move4ideas & IBM Champion, and Lakini Yogeswaran, Sales Engineer at move4ideas, explain how to leverage insights from your messaging system to enhance the overall productivity of your IT and sales department.

Optimize mail infrastructure networks based on email information
View this webinar to learn how audit4mail empowers IT departments to:

  • Monitor email trafic
  • Validate network architecture
  • Audit email attachment volumes in order to optimize email processing speed
  • Troubleshoot email issues faster and enhance end user satisfaction

Enhance sales operations based on email information

Watch this webinar to discover how audit4mail’s insights help your sales department to:

  • Manage the overall sales email flow for a specific account
  • Identify key contacts for a specific account based on reaction time, interactions and frequency
  • Become better prepared for upcoming business opportunities

audit4mail_Webinar messaging systems

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