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In order to elaborate a quality monthly business report, the data linked to the volume and infrastructure expenses must be accurate for each department.
How to accurately estimate those expenses for each department ?

Dealing with the head of department has never been an easy task, especially when this leads to allocate the right amount of money for the upcoming month.

The CFO of your company is fed up with the monthly debate with the different heads of department.
He is wondering if there is an automatic and reliable way of estimating the overall infrastructures’ expenses for each department. He heard that you helped a lot of people in your company thanks to a powerful application called audit4mail. So he decided to come to your office and ask for help. You are the famous Domino administrator of your company.

Here is the CFO’s request: provide accurate data regarding the use of infrastructure for each department of the company.

That’s right! With just a few clicks, audit4mail provides you with the statistics related to the use of the infrastructure by each department.

1. Click on the icon “Users Monitoring “
2. Open the view By organization and expand one organization to see the data related to all sub branches of that organization

audit4mail stats

Here audit4mail provides you the number and size of the emails and attachments for each branch (blue circle) of the organization move4ideas. Also, you have those figures for each sub-branches (green circle) of the organization. All data provided are categorized by year and month.

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