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Change management in the messaging environment

«   Collect the key data to prepare your migration or enterprise social network implementation project, and visualize them in detailed practical dashboards. »


With the infrastructure dashboard you gather the metrics to prepare for the change of your e-mail infrastructure.

Easily spot the traffic peaks and plan at best the migration

Infrastructure dashboard
servers relationships

The server relationship graph shows the volumes of e-mail traces exchanged during a given period, positioning poorly loaded servers versus highly exposed ones.

With the automatic query on e-mail attachment sizes you can quickly detect the internal spammers or heavy users and correctly dimension the servers.

query result atachment size

«  Implement successfully your new communication tool and check the adoption level by identifying staff members with a leading role in the change management.  »


Run reports and easily identify the “Ambassadors of Change”, i.e. staff members who will first adopt the new communication tool. Those colleagues are usually at the heart of several users communities.

helpdesk menu

Select a time period to get a graphical representation of e-mail volumes, you can check the impact of the implementation of new enterprise communication tools like an internal chat for example.

If the e-mails volumes stay stable going forward, it means adoption of the enterprise social network is probably low. You should check it out and investigate thanks to audit4mail on the causes within the staff.

graph with volumes of emails decreasing

« In the day to day post – implementation phase, audit4mail will be a useful tool for the helpdesk in the monitoring and investigation tasks.»


The e-mails search engine will let admin users – with full access rights – to investigate on a e-mail particular phenomenon or technical issue.

email search module
persons statistics module

With the persons statistics module, helpdesk staff will easily detect information leaks or fraud from selected mailboxes.

« The change management in the communication environment is a constant improvement process during which audit4mail will guide you. Starting from the initial audit, identification of the key actors and through to investigation using in your day to day missions a simple practical tool, that’s the added value of audit4mail. »

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