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Migrating or decommissioning the messaging server is a huge project for a company.

You are the Domino Administrator of your company. Your company is currently working on the migration of the messaging servers. As the Domino Administrator of your company you are also in charge of the project management of this migration. You know this is a huge responsibility. Also, you are convinced that if you drive this project into success you may got a big promotion for sure!

Here is your need as a project manager: make sure the Domino servers are not used anymore.

audit4mail makes this task so easy for you! Hopefully, you’ve already installed audit4mail for all your Domino servers. In the past years, this tool have been really useful for you in order to control your Domino infrastructure and for user support. You remember also that thanks to this tool you became the most liked administrator in your company. Now, you’re going to use it one last time for the migration!

1. Click on the icon Reports
2. Open the icon bar chart
3. Choose your Domino server, the year and the type of message

audit4mail statistics

→ number of internal emails decreases from February: the emails sent by the employees are not intercepted by the Domino Server anymore.
→ No more external emails from February: all the emails coming from outside the company are intercepted by the new servers

Thanks to this information, the Domino administrator makes sure that the Domino server called “hao” is not used anymore.

This information can be displayed for all your Domino servers. To do so, you just have to switch the server in the drop-down list

audit4mail is also a good tool to check the setting of your applications and make sure your agents are using the new messaging servers. An agent is an email sent by an application.

1. Click on the icon Reports
2. Select the appropriate server, year and month. Double click on the line to open the document
3. In the document, go on the tab Type and click on Agents

Here, audit4mail displays for you the number of emails sent by an agent for the selected Domino server.

audit4mail capture

Once everything is properly settled (and you promoted!) , don’t forget to contact move4ideas for updates about audit4mail for Exchange. Indeed very soon you’ll be able to keep track of all your incoming and outgoing emails in Exchange server! Nothing better to keep you status of the most liked administrator in the company!

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