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Know your customers through e-mail exchanges

«  Easily manage your accounts through personalized dashboards & improve your sales efficiency »

Optimise your sales cycle with no data entry

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Did you know that only 20% of contacts generated by the sales efforts make it to the CRM? As well as 30% of the information filled in is then no longer up to date after one year!

Choose a smart tool to use 100% of contacts and reduce the time you allocate to data entry.

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Through the synthetic prospect view you identify new prospects that you or your colleagues have been in communication with by e-mail.

You receive by e-mail automatic reports with the list of new comers that you can share with marketing to set up lead nurturing strategies

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« « Manage your accounts from a simple tool, with information always up to date and no extra data entry »

Customer management

Get an global view of the accounts with your relation graph

relations graph

With the account panorama you can deep dive into the interactions between your account and your company with a high level of details.

account panorama

Thanks to the detailed statistics you can easily spot variation of e-mails exchanges over time on a particular account

account scoring

«  E-mail communication is the most widely used in enterprises, putting together this data from all departments will improve the customer knowledge and develop a new collaborative way of working»


Get a cartography of all exchanges between an accounts and your colleagues, even those who don’t necessarily have a an access to the CRM (finance, IT, marketing, HR)


Get introduced to a prospect thanks to the relationships your colleagues have already set up, use audit4mail as a “internal LinkedIn”


« We believe that revenue growth should be the salesman’s main goal, not doing admin job! That’s why with audit4mail there is no extra data entry. With simple dashboards you boost your sales efficiency and facilitate decision making. The collaboration with other departments will clearly enhance the customer knowledge. »

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