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AUDIT4MAIL is a Messaging Intelligence” tool that analyzes the flow and  emails’ statistics to more efficient and a have thorough knowledge of the company’s relations with its customers. The idea is to use internal network to obtain the maximum information on a prospection target, either by analyzing who is the key person in their organization, or what interactions have already taken place in between the two companies etc. Meet Morgan Clement, CEO of MOVE4IDEAS presenting his company.

Who are the founders?

The creation of Move4Ideas was decided by a lake during the exhibition IBM Connect 2012. It’s the result of the collaboration of three experts from IBM: Jérôme Deniau, CTO, Patrice Villemagne, marketing manager, Fabien Clement, R & D manager from Thomson Video Network and myself, Morgan Clement, CEO. Since the team has grown and the product has evolved, from the mail server monitoring to Messaging Intelligence.


Where did the idea come from? It was the initial observation?

As often, the idea was born from an internal need. We were constantly asking each other if such a project was followed, if so and so had information on a targeted lead.We use a CRM but we are like everyone else, either through laziness or lack of time, all the contacts are not entered and everyone does not have access to the CRM anyway.We needed to at least be able to map the connections between internal and external contacts. And the analysis of email flow data is the best way to visualize this internal “linkedIn”.

Can you introduce your tool?

AUDIT4MAIL is a Messaging Intelligence tool. It’s a concrete example of implementation of Big Data and, as data source, we choose the email stream of the company. Please note this is not an espionage tool for employees, personal relationships are excluded from analysis.

A company of 10,000 people sends and receives at the very least 500,000 emails per day, so imagine the knowledge transiting these flows.AUDIT4MAIL is valuable aid to sales forces to reduce the sales cycle, improving upstream knowledge of new canvassing targets in a B2B relationship. The main idea is to use the internal network to obtain the maximum information on the prospection target. Has there been contact with the target, what are the key people internally and especially among the target?

Audit4Mail also brings new forms of team coaching to increase the sellers’ productivity.The use by the sales force is only one part of AUDIT4MAIL’s opportunities. We have IT and team management and we are also working on new modules for HR and safety. Our main focus in 2016 will be on the fight against CEO fraud with potentially filing a patent.



Who are your main competitors at present on your market?

In the market of Messaging Intelligence yet very recent, there has already been a wave of competitors’ repurchase by big players, for example the repurchase of SalesforceIQ for 300 million dollars by SalesForce in 2015 or Olometrics by Microsoft. We have a bottom-up approach, by listening to our existing customers we develop new targeted services.

What is your Business model?

Our billing method is by mailbox, ie the number of messaging users in the company.

Any financial news?

In 2015, CIC and Bpifrance trusted us with 130,000 euros to finalize the developments. In 2016, we seek 300,000 euros to accelerate our international expansion.

What other tools you use every day?

The CRM of the company B2O, in which we were able to integrated our solution quickly.

A coupon code for the Maddyness’ readers?

We offer a 30-day trial to the Maddyness’ readers and a 5% discount with the code MADDYNESS when purchasing Audit4Mail.

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