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Need to see the positive impact of your enterprise social network on reducing the emails’ and attachments’ volume in your company? Use audit4mail!
The project of implementing an enterprise social network requires a big investment for the company. However if the enterprise social network is not used at its best, there is no added value for the company.

A presentation regarding the success of the enterprise social network has been asked by the corporate direction three months after its implementation. Time flies and we have already reached the third month! The Head of Internal Communication, in charge of this presentation, rushes to your office. You are the famous Domino administrator of your company. She heard that you helped a lot of people in your company thanks to a powerful application called audit4mail. She is convinced she can also count on you to make the best presentation ever!

Here is the Head of Internal Communication’s request: provide data showing the volume of emails sent and received in the company have been reduced thanks to the newly implemented enterprise social network

She is absolutely right! audit4mail is the right tool to get this task properly done!
With just a few click, audit4mail provides you with the statistics related to the volume of emails sent and received in the company.

1. Click on the icon Report
2. Open the view All and get straight to the column Size and Attachment size

audit4mail reports

audit4mail provides you the size of emails and attachments sent & received in the company for a specific month and year. You can give thes statics for the three latest months to the Head of Internal Communication.

You can go way further with audit4mail!

The users of your enterprise social network are only the employees of your company. Thus you would like to focus on the statistics related to the emails sent and received internally by your employees. To do so, follow those two simple steps:

1. Select the year and the month you need to analyze, then double click on the appropriate line
2. A new document opens, go straight to the tabs Vol. Attachment (MB) or Volume (MB) and click on Days at glance

audit4mail histogramme

The bar chart shows you at a glance the evolution of the size of the attachment sent and received internally by your employees. This same bar chart could be generated for the email’s size. To do so, click on the Volume (MB).

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