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The food company Brioche Pasquier uses audit4mail to measure the adoption of the new collaborative tool

The food company Brioche Pasquier uses audit4mail to measure the adoption of the new collaborative tool

brioche pasquier

As in any change management projects, one cannot force the adoption of a new application from the users. Brioche Pasquier knows it well, and has therefore cared precisely for the measurement of the adoption in order to run a smooth and successful migration.

Brioche Pasquier is a synonym for traditional French family breakfast. It is a company with steady growth in its 14 manufacturing plants all based in France. Initially famous for the “Brioches” (French pastry), the groups has since then diversified (luxury cakes, crackers, etc…) through numerous acquisitions.

Key figures 2016

  • Turnover: 658 mln € per year 
  • Employees: 3200
  • production sites: 14 plants in France and 4 abroad.

Case study

Groupe Pasquier employs 3200 people throughout the world. When the company decided – as part of a global change management programme – to implement a new collaborative tool to limit the use of e-mails, the first necessity was to get the state of the art of the mailboxes usage and size in order to dimension correctly the new collaborative communication tool.

With the dashboard from audit4mail it was very easy to visualize the volumes of e-mails sent to the outside, compared to within the employees as well, that share of exchanges was to be migrated to the new internal chat and it was very important for Brioche Pasquier to monitor the usage over time in order to measure the level of adoption.

Albert Coeffard, Head of IT systems at Brioche Pasquier, can confirm the adequacy of the audit4mail  solution with the expectation from the company: “We have chosen audit4mail as we found it really easy to use. The tool was proven to be reliable, with good flexibility of the settings and the possibility to create your own specific analysis. And to be honest we placed our trust in the move4ideas team : experienced engineers with good reactivity and ability to foresee evolutions of the platform close to the customers’ needs.” 

About move4ideas

move4ideas has worked for 5 years already to be a partner of choice for IT departments of large accounts  both national and international, on large scale projects such as e-mail system migration and other change management projects, as well  customer relationships (for helpdesk and sales teas), and more recently has introduced a module for HR and the measurement of work – life balance.

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Groupe Atlantic chooses audit4mail for its e-mail system migration project.

Groupe Atlantic chooses audit4mail for its e-mail system migration project.


Founded in 1968 in La Roche-Sur-Yon (Vendée, on the west coast of France), Groupe Atlantic is an industrial group specialized in heating solutions and in continuous growth.  Structured in 6 branches, Groupe Atlantic remains true to its roots and continues to design, develop and manufacture most of its products (heaters, radiators, air conditioners) in France.

 2016 Key Figures

  • 5900 employees        
  • turnover : 1.3 mln €
  • Production sites : 16 factories of which 13 are located in France.

Case study

Prepare the migration of the email system Lotus Notes to Microsoft office 365

There are many email migration software tools available on the market.  Problem with these is that they only deal with the pure migration from old mailbox system to new mailbox system.

The preparation phase or so called pre-migration is usually not included in these tools.

What you need to do during the pre-migration:

  • Collect data on users and mailboxes
  • Check and correct the data collected.
  • Qualify the users and mailboxes to migrate
  • Create “slots” and how to make them available for the migration.


Development of a custom application to collect the data from the email system. Use of audit4mail to analyse the messaging flows


Nicolas Chauvière, Head of communication systems at groupe Atlantic, tells us about the added value audit4mail has brought to the success of the email system migration project.

Better knowledge about the mailboxes to migrate

“audit4mail gives us a precise state of the art of the messaging usage within the group. Our IT managers can cross the data and consolidate their knowledge with the information collected by the application.”

A financial optimisation

« Groupe Atlantic has experienced a strong growth in the past years.  Numerous acquisitions have led us to develop the enterprise messaging. With audit4mail we have been able to identify the mailboxes no longer used. These have not been migrated to office 365 therefore savings on migration tool licences and Microsoft subscription costs have been possible.”

A better user adoption

« We had a large number of mailboxes to migrate, for that reason we couldn’t go for a “one shot” migration. The audit4mail custom application enabled us to constitute groups of mailboxes organized by department or by project, based on the e-mail relationships. The period of co-existence of the 2 e-mail systems has run smoothly. “


Audit4mail solution strengths

  • Simple to use
  • Directly plugged into the e-mail system
  • Consulting on both e-mail systems
  • Rental based subscriptions
  • Flexible evolution.
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