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Ransomware: how to know where it was sent in your company!

Ransomware: how to know where it was sent in your company!

audit4mail helps you fight against ransomware

Ransomware: how to know where it was sent in your company!


Ransomware is big in the news these days, but what is it exactly?

A ransomware is a malicious software that hijacks your data. To do so, the ransomware encrypts the data and then asks the owner to send money in exchange for the key that will allow you to decrypt your files.

Your users receive an email. They download the attachment (ZIP) out of habit, and then, everything goes wrong! Here you are with encrypted files everywhere and you do not know who is the origin of the infection!

Let’s see how AUDIT4MAIL is going to help you find out in  just a few clicks who received the ransomware in your company. 

Go to the Helpdesk module, in the “e-mails” section. You use the search module by e-mail address, by subject, by date, depending on the information you have gathered so far on the ransomware.

spam ransomware

Once you have identified the suspicious e-mail, you can visualize already some key information:

– Date and time the e-mail was first received in the company

– List of the people who received it internally

By right-clicking of the external e-mail address, sender of the ransomware, a menu is displayed that allows you to go further in the analysis.

Then click on “go to dashboard

spam ransomware

Persons Dashboard

This dashboard, filtered on the suspicious e-mail address, is going to give you many details on the activity of the ransomware within the organisation. For exemple the total number of infested internal e-mail addresses, and the list of the employees who received the ransomware in their inboxes.

spam ransomware

The relations graph

Through the relations graph you get a visual representation of the ransomware’s activity in the company. It’s easy to share with management and the various heads of departments.

AUDIT4MAIL is a messaging intelligence tool. The dedicated module for IT and administrators provides many useful information about the e-mail system. 

It is a real support for your helpdesk with different visualisations of your messaging infrastructure.

With AUDIT4MAIL your IT can:

– Check the evolution of the email’s server volumetry (number, size, attachments, …)

 – Anticipate the servers / network bottlenecks.

– Collect metrics before changing the messaging system.

– Check the volumetric evolution by email users.

 – Detect of Internal spammers.

 – Measure the adoption of new communication tools (chat, CSR, document sharing).

– Observe the distribution of the devices used. On premise client, web email, smartphone.

– Improve the  customer service and the helpdesk processes.

 – Enable the billing of the internal email service.

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