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A very simple tutorial to show how you can easily spot and analyse emails with Bcc.  

Bcc is a copy of an email message sent to a recipient whose email address does not appear in the header lines. Among the many different applications of Audit4mail for your company email system, a very useful one can be how to identify and analyse emails with Bcc addresses. Let’s take an example:  the CFO of your company has just received a suspicious email containing some confidential information (your company’s financial statement which has not been published yet!). He is nervous and he contacts you simultaneously (you are a email administrator, with privileges access on personal information). He needs the names of all the employees who received the same information.

This is a very easy task ! With Audit4mail you can retrieve all the emails addresses put in Bcc of an email.

1) Click on the icon « Helpdesk » and the sub menu « Emails »

audit4mail helpdesk module

2) Use the search function: a new box will appear on the right side of the interface and let you perform a search.

3) Write for example the email address of the CFO in the « receiver » field and any other information you may have to refine the search (subject of the email, date, etc..)

audit4mail search module

4) Identify the suspicious email in the list appearing in the lower part of the interface.

5) On the right column, you can easily read the email adress(es) of the person(s) put in Bcc.

audit4mail search result

6) You can double click on the line to display more information, in particular you can see the email history.

audit4mail email history

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