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Smooth Migration from IBM Domino to IBM Verse : The Vital Metrics You Do Need

This webinar covered the vital metrics you need to monitor to make your IBM Verse migration from IBM Domino as smooth as possible.

You will learn how to:
  • Prepare your migration from Attitude to architecture
  • Think about your global environment and how to proceed
  • Get your metrics from your IBM Domino architecture
  • Analyze them correctly with standard IBM Administrator tools
  • Use tools to catch those metrics
Jérôme will end with some common use cases, and how to solve them.


The solutions mentioned in the webinar are:

audit4mail databaseEZ

With AUDIT4MAIL easily manage your messaging server, you can:

  • Study the mails per server volumetries (number, size, attachments, …).
  • Anticipate its servers / network bottlenecks.
  • Collect metrics before changing the messaging system.
  • Measure volumetries by email users.
  • Detect internal spammers.
  • Study the impact of the adoption of new communication tools (chat, CSR, document sharing).
  • Measure the distribution of the devices used. On premise clients, web email, smartphone.
  • Improve your customer service, helpdesk.
  • Charge the internal messaging service.
Ytria databaseEZ lets you manage database properties across an entire server. This tool gives you:

  • Faster access to serverwide NSF properties
  • Comprehensive database information
  • Superior mass-editing tools
  • Serverwide property analysis
  • Template name mass-editing
  • Flexible data export options
  • Audit or sign databases (requires signEZ)
  • Customizable user interface.





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